Binary Star Technology, Inc
Personal Service

Our Approach to Business

We are committed to meeting YOUR requirements
for  the technology services, products and advice
YOU ask for and need.
Listen and Watch

If we do nothing else, we listen.  We listen as you explain your
environment and how your business uses and requires technology.  
We watch as you and your people use their systems everyday.  Then we
develop solutions to meet your needs.
Iterative Development/Improvement

Our approach is to move in small, easily digestible steps, whether it be
installing a new server or developing a custom software solution.  We
realize your business needs technology to run your business, so we
make every effort to minimize any shutdown time as we work meet your
needs or brings systems back online.
Respond to problems quickly

Despite all best efforts, computers and software sometimes fail.  Call
us immediately.  Often we can get you back running over the phone.  
Other times we may be able to get it running in a manner that will
suffice until we can get onsite.  While our billing rates depend on
required response time and contratual arrangement, we will get you
running a fast as we can by getting the correct, knowledgeable resource
to your site as fast as possible.
Just call us!
Realize the customer is the expert on what they need

Most importantly, only you know what you want.  You may not know the
"geek" terms for what you want, but you can articulate them in your
words.  Our job is to
listen to your needs and convert them to
technology services and/or products that meet your needs.  If it doesn't
exist yet as a product, we identify how to obtain the technology and
develop the application as a custom effort.  As creative as we are, you
are the source of the needs that we hope to satisfy.