Binary Star Technology, Inc
Personal Service

Networks and Computers

We are committed to providing the network and
computer services, products and advice that
ask for and need.
Need a network audit to validate it's safety ......

Not sure if your computers are safe from virus attacks, spyware and
hackers (both external and internal).  We will review your computer and
network setups, infrastructure and external connections and deliver a
report identifying any weaknesses that may be present.
Need a firewall installed or modified ......

If the computer network at your business connects to the Internet via a
broadband connection (DSL, cable, T-1, etc), your systems needs a
firewall.  Whether you need a firewall installed or modified, contact us.
Afraid of computer viruses ......

A loose computer virus can wreak havoc with your computers.  
Repairing an infected can cost 10 times the cost of prevention.  We are
experts in setting up  antivirus software that will protect your computers
from damage.  Contact us for help.
Need a server installed or improved ......

Whether you are installing your first server or just adding a new one, we
can make the process easy and quick.  If your existing server(s) seem
bogged down, let us evaluate them and make sure that you need new
equipment.  Let us help you improve your server environment.
PC, Mac, Linux, Unix

Whatever the operating system or hardware that you use, we can
support and maintain the systems.