Binary Star Technology, Inc
Personal Service

Custom Programming

We are committed to developing the software code
YOU ask for and need.
Need a program written quickly ......

We are knowledgeable and fluent in over 20 computer languages, 10
database packages and most operating systems.  If you need it done
quickly and accurately, give us a call.
Need to convert your files to  EDI format ......

We have created EDI programs that convert from or to mainframe or
accounting files.  We even provide the programs to automatically send
or receive EDI files automatically, notifying you of any problems.  These
programs are used by suppliers to the Detroit Big 3.
Need a special report  ......

We have been using report writers since the 1980's and can easily pick
up any new ones.  We are experts in using Crystal Reports and
Microsoft Access to develop custom reports in ways many report writer
packages can not.
Need an old program rewritten or improved ......

Have an old C++ or VB6 program that you want to convert to the .NET
environment?  Have a COBOL program that needs to be replaced with
more modern code?  Just need an old program modified to meet new
requirements?  Cal us and discuss with us your needs.
Examples (we have over thirty years of experience.  So if it involves
computers, we can help)

Computer Languages: C/C++, Cobol, PL/1. Fortran, C#, VB, VB.Net,
RPG, Perl, PHP, Java

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Access, FoxPro,

Report Packages:  Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access

Operating Systems:  Windows (all), Unix/Linux, OS/400