Binary Star Technology, Inc
Personal Service

Advice and Consulting

We are committed to providing the information
about technology services, products and advice
YOU ask for and need.
Aren't sure what you need?

The number of products available and the need to often combine
products from  multiple vendors can be frightening.  Let us help you
evaluate your needs and provide recommendations.  In most cases, we
can provide multiple scenarios so that you are not locked in.
Need advice in selecting products and vendors?

With "geek speak" being used by salespeople and brochures, it helps
to have someone who can explain everything in everyday terms.  We
can evaluate and test software and hardware, helping to ensure that
you get what you need and are paying for.
Having problems with your software or systems?

We have been working with computers for a long time (I remember
punch cards!).  We have experience with everything from Microsoft Office
to accounting packages to complex networks and programming.  Give
us a call.  We will be glad to help.